When should you change the car oil filter and how to do it to avoid breakdowns

For a vehicle’s mechanisms to function properly, they must be in good condition. oil lubricated. But this oil must be in good condition, without particles from the wear of the parts or residues from the combustion itself.

To keep the lubricant in the best possible condition, vehicles incorporate the oil filter, which retains these impurities and prevents them from returning to the route. Normally, a filter in good condition is capable of retaining 95% of particles.

However, sooner or later (depending on how the vehicle is used) the filter will eventually become clogged. And at this point, will stop doing its job.

Clean or change

It might be thought, as with other types of filters, that it can be cleaned to extend its useful life. However, given the fragility of the materials it is made of, it is not recommended clean it.

At this point, the ideal is to replace it. Although it is an indicative figure, generally the useful life of an oil filter is around 10,000 kilometers. Making this change usually costs between 5 and 15 euros, depending on the quality of the replacement.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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