What you should take into account if your car is hybrid or electric

After 4 years from the first registration, the cars must undergo the MOT. If this is your case and you have a hybrid or electric model, you may have doubts when passing the technical inspection.

Like combustion cars, hybrid or electric have to go through the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV) after four years from its first registration. From then on and until reaching 10 years of age, they must carry out the inspection every 2 years. After 10 years of service, the visit to the ITV will be annual.

If the time has come to go to the MOT, it is likely that they can doubts and questions arise with this type of technologies. The company TÜV SÜD, with more than 30 ITV stations in Spain, gives us some answers.

What documentation must be presented at the ITV?

The documentation to be presented at the ITV is the same as when we pass the ITV of any other combustion engine vehicle. Is the vehicle technical sheet is mandatory (ITV card) and if you have it, you must present proof of the prior appointment and the online payment, if the payment had been made through the website. It is advisable to go to the ITV with your driving license and proof of current compulsory insurance and your DNI.

What is the inspection process for an electric vehicle? And a hybrid one?

The MOT process for this type of vehicle is practically the same as that of a combustion vehicle, but with nuances. To be able to explain it better, we must differentiate between an electric vehicle and a hybrid vehicle.

MOT for an electric car

The biggest difference in the ITV process of an electric vehicle is that, as they do not emit any type of gases and are quite silent, they do notNo emissions testing or noise testing is necessary.

It should be noted that, although it may be thought that this type of vehicle presents construction differences that may lead to a different type of inspection than usual, the truth is that its components (wiring, batteries) were already contemplated in the Vehicle Inspection Procedure Manual. ITV Stations. That is why, when carrying out an inspection of these cars, there is no difference compared to those carried out on vehicles powered by conventional fuels.

MOT for a hybrid car

The peculiarity of a hybrid vehicle is that uses both combustion engine and electric motor. Therefore, just like a conventional car, it must pass the emissions and noise test.

With respect to the rest of the inspection process, the elements to be checked are the same as in the case of a car: brakes, tires, lighting, seat belts, etc.

Do I have to place the sticker on the car?

Once the vehicle passes the ITV, whether hybrid or electric, you receive a MOT sticker which certifies that the car is suitable for driving in safe conditions, the same sticker that combustion models must carry. It is important to remember that carrying the ITV sticker It is mandatory, and failure to do so can result in a fine of more than 100 euros.

What precautions can be taken before going to the ITV?

When passing the MOT on your electric or hybrid car, TÜV SÜD recommends carrying out a regular maintenance to ensure that brakes, lights, tires and other items are in good condition and working properly.

It is also advisable fully charge the battery of the vehicle before going to the ITV. It must be remembered that in this type of vehicle, the operation of some of the elements that are reviewed in the ITV works thanks to the battery.

Try to have your personal and vehicle documentation on hand to speed up the process, as well as make an appointment in advance to avoid unnecessary waits.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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