Vodafone tests new personalized uses of 5G networks with clients

Vodafone Spain has announced the launch of a pilot with private customers to test the quality-on-demand (QoD) APIs (application programming interface) of 5G networks. Specific, the operator will use this technology with real users to adapt the mobile network parameters to the specific requirements and needs of each client and thus offer them the best mobile internet service, with which it is expected that they will perceive an improvement in data use, for example, making video calls or streaming games.

The new on-demand API, now operational on Vodafone’s network, meets the standards of CAMARA, the open source project for developers to access enhanced network capabilities included within the GSMA’s Open Gateway initiative, announced last February within the framework of the Mobile World Congress (MWC). With this pilot with clients Vodafone will test some of the new functionalities that are part of the path towards 5G slicing, which will allow the creation of virtual subnetworks adapted to different needs.

This opening of networks to software aims “drive innovation in the industry and offer specialized services in an intelligent, fast and flexible way to customers”, explains Vodafone. In fact, this technological solution, called NaaP (Network as as Platform), allows access to the enhanced capabilities of the Vodafone Network to product creators and software engineers, developers and third parties. Among other benefits, the use of the API is used for parental control functionalityl included in the SecureNet service with the aim of providing more reliable control over Internet access.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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