This is the best-selling used model in October

The second-hand market maintains its upward trend. And that’s it For every new vehicle, two used ones are sold.

The second-hand market rose 6% in October, up to 169,831 units, thus registering the largest monthly increase so far this year. In the accumulated, operations total 1,568,459 units, a growth of almost 3%, according to data from the Ganvam (official and independent distributors) and Faconauto (dealerships) employers’ associations.

Regarding models, The Volkswagen Golf remained the monthly market leader. A classic in the automotive sector that sold 5,416 units, 5.4% more year-on-year. Its latest generation landed in the middle of the pandemic with a conservative design similar to the previous generation, but with a widely electrified range.

In the accumulated, this same model is in first position, with 50,442 operations and a decrease of 3% when compared to the figures from a year ago. Its price on the used market can start at 16,000 euros.

After the Golf, they are two Seat models: Ibiza and León, with 4,931 (+2.3%) and 3,908 (+0.6%) units, respectively, in the monthly count. Likewise, they also occupy the second and third position in the year’s total, with 46,055 (-1.3%) and 38,385 (+1.5%) units.

They follow him Renault Megane, with 3,637 (-4.2%) monthly units and up to 35,089 (-4.2%) in the annual count; he Ford Focuswith 3,537 (+8.3%) units per month and 33,540 (unchanged) in the year and the Renault Clio, with 3,481 (+10.2%) units in October and 32,225 (+2.1%) until October. He Opel Corsa It achieves seventh place in the month, with 3,158 (+5.4%) units, and eighth so far this year, with 29,012 (+11.2%) units.

It should be noted that BMW has placed its premium sedan Series 3 in eighth position, with 3,104 units (-10%) in October and in seventh place overall for the year, with 30,565 (-8.5%) units. It is the only premium brand in the month, but in the figures for the first ten months, Audi keeps it company. Its A3 closes the ‘top 10’, with 24,636 (+2.2%) units.

In ninth position in the monthly calculation is the Citroen C3, with 2,835 (-9.1%) units, although it remains out of the first positions in the accumulated. He Opel Astra In this case, it closes the month’s ranking, with 2,775 (+5.9%) units and is placed one position above in the accumulated, with 25,250 (-3.2%) units.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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