They are neither cheap nor something for the youngest

Share a flat out of obligation. The incessant escalation of rental prices, the limited supply and the loss of purchasing power of Spaniards are pushing many adults to have to rent a room in a shared apartment. This housing solution is no longer something for young, recently emancipated students. Not at all. The average profile of the plaintiff borders on 35 years old, the majority are women and have a high and medium-high socioeconomic levelaccording to data from Fotocasa.

“The age of those who share a home is increasing, contrary to what should occur in a society with healthy levels of accessibility to housing. In 2022 the average age was 32 years,” explains María Matos, Director of Studies and spokesperson from the real estate portal. “60% are women, a situation that could influence and increase the problem of low birth rate in our country”adds the expert.

With respect to their place of residence, the Community of Madrid brings together a quarter of those seeking rooms. Next, Andalusia (21%) and the Valencian Community (11%) are the regions with the highest concentration of this type of tenants. The report Profile of people who share housing, carried out Fotocasa Research explains that 35% of users have also looked for or rented a complete house to live in and that the majority live with one, two or three people.

Regarding their cohabitation situation, the percentage of individuals who live with their parents stands at 26%, compared to 35% the previous year. In addition, there are 26% who live with other people who are not family members.

Economic reasons

Renting a room involves a smaller outlay than living alone and also allows you to save if the goal is to buy a house in the future. Precisely, these are the two main reasons that those seeking shared apartments give for opting for this housing formula. Specifically, 44% admit that They are not able to pay rent on their own. and 20% consider it a way to save to buy another house.

Furthermore, 23% of those surveyed opt for this modality because adapts to what you need15% say that they have not been able to find anything better and another 15% choose it because it is more comfortable.

Rising prices

Sharing a home in Spain is increasingly expensive. It costs 445 euros per month on averageThat is, shared rents have increased by 50% in the last 5 years and 73% in the last 8 years, according to data from the real estate portal.

By autonomous community, rooms have become more expensive in the last year in the Canary Islands (28.6%), the Basque Country (12.2%) and Catalonia (9.6%). The increases in the Valencian Community (8.1%), Madrid (5.8%) and Andalusia (3.4%) also stand out. On the other hand, prices only fell in four territories: Asturias (-3.2%), Region of Murcia (-3.3%), Galicia (-4.7%) and Castilla y León (-4.7%) .

Regarding prices, living in a shared apartment exceeds 400 euros per month in six communities. These are Catalonia (565 euros), Madrid (502 euros), Navarra (476 euros), the Balearic Islands (474 ​​euros), the Basque Country (464 euros) and the Canary Islands (423 euros). On the other hand, tenants have to make less financial effort in Castilla y León (267 euros), Castilla-La Mancha (249 euros) and Extremadura (226 euros).

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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