The reputation of the developers holds up to the rate in the midst of a housing price boom

The perception that home buyers have of the real estate sector continues to change in the heat of the uncertain economic context. It is true that the rise in prices, the rise in rates and the subsequent increase in the cost of financing are having a dent in the reputation and image of promoters and professionals in the sectoralthough in both cases they exceed the pass mark and remain at “reasonably good” levels.

Specifically, the Global Reputation Indicator of the development companies stands at 5.4 points out of 10, one tenth less than in 2022, as revealed by the Reputation Observatory, prepared by Planner Exhibitons. The index analyzes five attributes: trust, honesty, transparency, responsibility and professionalism, and in almost all of them there has been a slight adjustment.

The first stands at 5.3 points (one tenth less compared to the previous year); honesty remains unchanged at 5.1; responsibility falls one tenth and stands at 5.3 points and professionalism falls two tenths, to 6.4 points. On the contrary, the transparency variable fails, although it has risen one tenth, to 4.9 points.

“It should be noted that, despite these slight adjustments, the indicator is above the average of the historical series, 5.1 points. The image of real estate developers remains at a reasonably good level for a still young industry in reputation management. It is a stable and mature market,” explains Eloy Bohúa, general director of Planner Exhibitons. Looking ahead to the coming months, the expert does not rule out that the figures will worsen.

As for professionals in the sector, the general indicator has suffered a greater adjustment, of three tenths, to stand at 6.8 points. The result is explained by the lower score that potential buyers show in the variables of sincere, transparent and clear information. On the other hand, they positively value the kindness, the service received and the trust they show in their companies. “Those surveyed value people more than companies,” says Bohúa.

Investors and young people

The report confirms a clear difference between the perception that investor and non-investor buyers have. The score of the first is 6.2 points and that of the second is 5.3 points.

The gender and age of the respondents also play an active role in the report. Men become more critical and women improve their perception. Specifically, the value of the Global Reputation Indicator drops one tenth in men (5.5 points out of 10) and increases two tenths in women, reaching 5.4 points.

Regarding age, there has been a significant change compared to the previous year, returning to trends seen previously. The age group between 25 and 35 years old, returns to more critical positions after having surprised last year as the age group with the greatest positive growth. Once again, it is the seniors, those over 60 years of age and the age group between 46 and 60, who express the most favorable opinions.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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