The number of students who decide to rent rooms in shared apartments is growing

The Room prices in shared apartments have increased by 79% before the start of the course, the first week of September, in relation to the average of the prices recorded during the month of August, according to data provided by Milanuncios.

At the same time, Demand for these rooms in shared prices has grown by 48% during the same period. On many occasions, students prefer to share a flat with friends or colleagues and are looking for a home to rent outright. The demand for apartments with these conditions increased by 34.3% in early September, compared to the first week of August.

Among the main advantages of choosing to share a flat are the “freedom and space” which they enjoy but, above all, the price, since “this option is cheaper than student residences, although this savings margin depends on the province.”

Thus, Barcelona heads the price ranking at the gates of the new course, with rooms with an average cost of 352 euros in August 2023. After it, Madrid, one of the regions that welcomes the most students from other provinces and countries, has rooms that, on average, have a price of 315 euros also in August of this same year.

For their part, rooms in the Balearic Islands and Tenerife have an average price of 308 euros, followed by Malaga, which reached up to 303 euros. On the contrary, the cities where renting a room is cheapest is in Cáceres, 106 euros on average, followed by Ávila (138 euros) and Badajoz (158 euros).

Madrid is the city with the most supply, concentrating 21% of all advertisements published in August 2023, just before the start of the school year. It is followed by Barcelona, ​​with 7.2%, Valencia with 7.05% of the rooms and Alicante with 6.3% of the rooms in shared apartments.

At the other extreme are cities such as Ceuta, Ávila, Soria, Zamora, Segovia, Huesca, Teruel and Palencia, which barely account for 1% of the total room supply before the start of the school year.

To avoid being scammed when renting an apartment or a room, Milanuncios recommends review the wording of the ad, since if the way it is written “is striking due to its poor writing, looking like a bad translation or an automated text, the ad could have been published by a bot”; and distrust advertisers who do not provide their data in the corresponding sections.

The platform also advises future tenants Do not share information such as ID, personal accounts or bank details and that they distrust those landlords who urge contact outside the portal channels, such as WhatsApp or by phone.

He also points out that you should avoid paying in advance or paying for the room reservation “whenever possible, especially if you have not signed any type of documentation that formalizes the rental”; and asks to verify that the images of the accommodation do not coincide with another result on the internet, since they could be using photographs of apartments that do not belong to them or be generated by Artificial Intelligence.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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