The MG4, even cheaper. Demolition price from 18,480 euros

MG goes all out and equates the price of its electric MG4 with a combustion model. You can now count on zero emissions for less than 18,500 euros, with aid and discounts.

MG returns to the fray and attacks fully with the price of its cars. In this case, it is the MG4 the one who rings the bell. The electric compact lowers its price even further, by including a brand discount of more than 12,210 euros (which include financing, promotions and the Moves plan), so the model can be purchased now from attractive prices starting at 18,480 euros. In this way, MG now manages to match the price of an electric car with its combustion equivalent.

The The MG4 has a official autonomy of up to 520 kilometers in the combined cycle and 711 km in the urban cycle, and charging power of up to 144 kW, which allows recharging from 10 to 80% of the battery in 26 minutes). It is offered with Standard, Comfort, Luxury, Extended Range and XPOWER versions, which offer three battery capacities (51, 64, 77 and kWh) and 4×2 and 4X4 traction.

At the time of purchase, MG anticipates the total discounts of the Moves III Plan for its entire range, and offers, at no cost, a Comprehensive insurance in its entire range of models.

This is the breakdown of the 12,210 euro discount offered for the MG4

Moves III Plan with scrapping (-7,000 euros)

Electric MG campaign (-1,210 euros)

MG4 campaign (-1,000 euros)

Sales Boost Campaign (-1,000 euros)

Santander Finance promo (-2,000 euros)

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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