the art of living in less than 40 m2

At the country level, only one in three homes for sale has an area of ​​more than 100 square meters, which represents 35%, according to the results of an investigation carried out and recently published by the Idealista real estate portal. On the opposite sidewalk, in Spain houses with less than 40 square meters represent 1% of the market and those between 40 and 60 square meters reach 9%.

The most frequent housing profile for sale is those that are built between 75 and 90 square meters, which represent 24% of the entire market, while those between 60 and 75 square meters are 14% of the homes. Meanwhile, those with a surface between 90 and 100 meters are 17%.

Madrid and its homes below 40 m2

The Spanish capital is the place where More homes are sold below 40 square meters (6% of the offer). This percentage is followed by the cities of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (5%), Tarragona, Barcelona, ​​Toledo and Huesca (with 3% in the 4 cities).

Albacete and Palma, living on 100 m2

On the opposite side of the street, only two capitals have a higher percentage of houses for sale with a surface area greater than 100 square meters: Albacete with an offer of 57% and Palma, where the percentage reaches 55%.

These capitals are followed by Lugo and Murcia (49% in both cases), Valencia and Pontevedra (48% also in both), Soria (47%), Alicante (46%), Granada (45%), Castellón de la Plana (45%), Guadalajara (44%) and Ceuta (44%). On the contrary, in Oviedo only 21% of the offer has more than 100 m2, followed by 23% in Huesca, and 27% in Huelva, Salamanca and Burgos. In Barcelona, ​​it stands at 30% while Madrid is above the national average, with 36%according to the report.

Prices per m2 depending on surface

The Idealista report states that the price per square meter also varies depending on the size of the house, being generally more expensive the smaller the property (due to the lower final amount of the operation).

Thus, the average price per square meter of a house of less than 40 m2 reaches 2,949 euros in Spain, which is 94% more than the square meter of homes between 100 and 120 meters, which with 1,518 euros/m2 represents the cheapest size range per square meter. On average, in Spain the square meter of homes with more than 240 m2 It has a cost of 2,724 euros/m2, 79% more than those between 100 and 120 m2sentence the report.

‘microflat’ phenomenon

The ‘microflat’ phenomenon arises in Hong Kong because of its reputation for having some of the smallest and most expensive apartments in the world. Dwarf floors, increasingly common. Hong Kong has about 8,500 of these small homes, which represented 7% of all construction in 2019according to data compiled by Bloomberg.


Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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