New Quadrifoglio versions for the Alfa Giulia and Stelvio

Alfa Romeo launches the most emblematic versions of its current range on the market, the Giulia and Stelvio with its most radical sports finish, the Quadrifoglio variants, which now celebrate 100 years of history with a limited series.

Just a few months after the launch of the new Alfa Romeo Giulia and Stelvio, the Italian brand launches the most emblematic variants on the market, the Green Quadrifoglio with a more powerful engine and maximum sportiness. Furthermore, with the arrival of these more powerful models also celebrates the centenary of Alfa Romeo’s first participation in competition with a Quadrifoglio model.

Alfa Romeo, now integrated into the group of Stellantis premium brands, is undoubtedly one of those that best represents maximum sportiness in the automotive world. All Alfa Romeo models are very sporty, but the variants that carry this legendary Quadrifoglio Verde anagram represent the quintessence of that sportsmanship.

Elegant driving position, but with everything necessary to be able to drive.

Either model, Giulia or Stelvio, They are faithful heirs of the Alfa Romeo sporting tradition. The first, the Giulia, like a five-seater sedan very low and close to the ground and with exceptional dynamic behavior. Furthermore, its driving position is designed for daily use but, above all, for very sporty use.

Contact with rain

In the case of this Quadrifoglio Verde version that we have been able to test on this occasion, although in a very short journey along the Barcelona coast and, above all, under torrential rain, what stands out most is that they have sought to make a car even a little more radical than its predecessor. For this it has a motor 10 horsepower more powerful, that is, 520 horses.

In any case we could not make a contact in good conditions, undoubtedly more necessary for these models than for another car. Its driving position is perfect, with a very well calculated position and with steering wheel paddles that allow almost manual use of the change. They are levies inherited from their older brothers of Ferrari and Maserati.

The Giulia QV is one of the sportiest sedans due to its great dynamism.

Also they driving modes They offer the same as in the previous generation, that is, the three options of the brand DNA, normal, sporty or a softer one for driving on wet and slippery terrain. These are the ones that all vehicles in the Giulia range have, to which in this case the offer is expanded with a Race mode. A mode focused above all on using the circuit.

In this case we are looking for a very sporty approach in which part of the assistance systems are eliminated and everything is transformed, even the sound, to provide maximum pleasure to its driver. In this new generation of the QV there is another change in the driving modes and that is that by activating this sportier option the instrument panel changes.

The QV versions have the anagram of their green clover on the steering wheel.

In Race mode, everything other than the lap counter in the central part is eliminated. When we’re doing that driving to the limit the only thing that matters It is the rev counter, which thus takes center stage, although there is also two pieces of information that are kept on both sides of the tachometer, the meter. gasoline and temperature.

New differential

The other important change that the new Quadrifoglio Verde brings, both Giulia and Stelvio, is the arrival of a mechanical differential, to which are added two friction clutches carbon, one on each wheel. This is a sophisticated system that allows a modification of the distribution of torque on each drive wheel depending on the conditions, the curve angle and tire grip.

Its operation is similar to that of a self-locking differential but according to the Italian brand it is even more effective That this. It is a system that we have not been able to test in this first contact because the asphalt conditions were very delicate, due to the large amount of water accumulated on the asphalt.

The two versions of the 100th anniversary Alfa Romeo pose next to the Quadrifoglio with which it all started.

These changes that we have been telling you about for the Giulia apply exactly the same to the version brand SUV, the Stelvio, which also has this new Quadrifoglio Verde version. It is a truly impressive car, a tall vehicle, with lots of interior space and a large trunk, but at the same time offers the features of an extreme sports car.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio

For this it has its powerful motor, the same V6 biturbo used in the Giulia, which provides 520 horsepower. Also share the driving modes, four in these sportier versions, and also uses that sophisticated mechanical differential to provide that delicious dynamism which always characterizes all vehicles with this Quadrifoglio anagram.

This is the 100th anniversary version of the Giulia with a specific green Quadrifoglio.

In addition, these two Quadrifoglio versions, both the Giulia and the Stelvio, are also offered in a special limited series 100th anniversary. And to celebrate this important anniversary, a series of only 100 unitss distributed between both models that have specific equipment. All of this makes these vehicles true collector’s items.

The success of this vehicle is such that before its commercial launch they are already all sold. Of the 65 centenary Giulias that are going to be built, Spain has managed to get three of them to our market, while of the 35 Stelvio that are going to be done, there will not be any in Spain.


And as far as their prices are concerned, although logically very high, it should be noted that they experience an interesting reduction compared to the prices of the previous generation of Giulia and Stelvio. Specifically, the Stelvio QV is now offered for €115,900, when in the previous generation its price was 121,700. That is to say €5,800 discount despite the fact that it offers superior equipment, more power and above all the self-locking mechanical differential. They are official list prices, not with campaigns.

As for the Giulia, in this QV version, the price is €105,800, while the version available until now of this model cost €108,100. With this, the reduction compared to the previous generation is €2,300. Definitely good news for those who want to spend more than €100,000 on a car with which they can enjoy driving almost like no other on the market.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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