New obstacle to the largest artificial beach in Europe that will be located in Guadalajara

The beach that Grupo Rayet wants to promote, 50 kilometers from Madrid, has encountered a new obstacle. The development, known as Alovera Beach, which was presented in 2017, is now being denied by the Alovera City Council Contracting Board.

Specifically, The Contracting Board of the Alovera City Council proposed last july declare the project award void considering that the offer presented by Rayet Medio Ambiente “is not admissible in accordance with the criteria contained in Law 9/2017, of November 8, on Public Sector Contracts and in the Particular Administrative Clauses Document.”

It’s about what will be the largest urban artificial beach in Europe and will be located in the province of Guadalajara with thousands of homes in its surroundings, where developers such as Neinor Homes have significant pockets of land.

The reason why it is proposed to leave this competition void is that, according to the City Council, The company has excluded from its proposal several facilities that were planned in the preliminary investment project. Specifically, the report points out that the children’s area of ​​the artificial beach, the general restaurant-warehouse, a gym and a parking lot for events, among other sections, have been cancelled.

This is the mega project

As explained in 2017, the Rayet group will invest 15.6 million euros to promote the largest artificial urban beach in Europe in the town of Alovera.

Powered by Crystal Lagoons is lagoon artificial turquoise It will have an area of ​​25,000 m2 and 15,000 m2 of beach. The complex will be developed on 105,000 square meter land owned by the Alovera City Council and which is currently the focus of waste dumping.

With direct access from the A2, so as not to congest the urban center of Alovera, This complex will mean an absolute regeneration of the area and will be a very important support for the rest of the residential projects that are now under development in this area.

As announced at the time, The large leisure park will have five different areas but integratesyou give. Thus it will be composed of an artificial lagoon and the beach, with sports and entertainment equipment, slide towers and children’s pools, a sailing school and water sports (kayaking, sailing and paddle surfing, among others).

There will also be catering services with an establishment overlooking the beach with capacity for 1,000 people. In addition, a large parking lot with more than 1,000 spaces has been planned.

Named Alovera Beach, The complex will be developed within the l-15 Las Suertes sector, south of the old town of Alovera and linked to the residential developments of the municipality, and “will also serve to regenerate a very degraded environmental area with the creation of a green park following the project,” explains Abánades.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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