Microsoft buys two plots of land in Zaragoza for 24.5 million to install its data center

Microsoft is advancing its plan to install a data center campus in Aragon. The company is going to acquire two plots located in two different areas in the López Soriano Recycling Technology Park (PTR), in Zaragoza, to install a data center.

This purchase-sale operation has been authorized today by the Government Council. According to the details provided, these plots, property of the Aragonese Executive, They will be acquired for 24.5 million of euros.

The sale focuses on a first PTR plot with an area of 257,813 square meters, according to the cadastral data, as well as its boundaries. For its part, in relation to the second plot, it has been agreed to sell the corresponding 15%, that is, 318,753 square metersaccording to the cadastre, and its boundaries.

The purchase-sale agreement is subject to a series of conditions to guarantee the installation of this data center. In this way, the launch phase has to be completed in a period of four years since the approval of the PIGA (General Plan of Autonomous Interest), while the rest of the constructions until the campus is completed has a maximum period of 15 years.

It is also contemplated that Microsoft will not be able to sell the plot without notification and authorization of the Government of Aragon nor the constructions that are erected in them in the ten years following the purchase-sale operation.

In addition, the agreement also includes the measures that Microsoft must face in the event of non-compliance. In this sense, the company’s obligation to compensate compensation of 15% of the sale price to the autonomous community.

The purchase-sale deed must now be formalized, for which a date has not been specified. It has also not been detailed whether Microsoft will pay a part of the amount in advance or will disburse the 24.5 million euros in a single payment upon signing the operation.

With this step, Microsoft advances the project it announced in Aragon based on putting a new data center campus in the community. This project, already declared an investment of autonomous interest on October 25, initially contemplates the installation of more data centers in other enclaves. Although the company has not confirmed it, the Zaragoza towns of La Muela or La Puebla de Alfindén are being considered as possible locations.

According to the initial data indicated by the company during the announcement of this project, the forecast is that the campus will be developed in several phases. Specifically, it is considered that the investments will be carried out in the period between 2026 and 2030. The generation of employment is estimated at more than 2,100 jobs highly qualified in the technology sector.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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