“It’s a provocation, it will find admirers”

After four uncertain years, the wait seems to be over and the first deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck are announced for next November 30. Although it is in the latest preliminary ‘off-road’ tests, where it has not done very well, the design phase has recently had the approval of an important person in the history of the automotive industry. We refer to Giorgetto Giugiaro, the designer of the legendary DeLorean DMC-12 who rose to fame in the movie ‘Back to the Future’.

The last days, before the massive and expected delivery, are being hard for Elon Musk’s pick-up. A recent video showed this by showing the weaknesses of the Tesla all-terrain vehicle when it was tested against a 1943 Willys Jeep. However, when it comes to its design “evaluation”the last to say yes was Giugiaro, the father of the DeLorean DMC-12.

If anyone can truly relate to the avalanche of criticism Tesla has faced over its yet-to-be-released Cybertruck, it’s 85-year-old Giorgetto Giugiaro. The legendary designer who also created the Lotus Espirit and the BMW M1, knows firsthand what it means do not please the “critics” with your designs.

That was what happened in 1981 with the creation of the DeLorean DMC-12, which appeared for the first time in the film ‘Back to the Future’ starring Michael J. Fox, and which was not well received at the beginning. After 42 years, and with a strong niche of Delorean followers, remember his story of “failure” when replicating Musk’s new pick-up.

Criticized, but expected…

Although it seems like a production that only appeals to a certain group and not necessarily the masses, it has accumulated a substantial number of orders: almost 2 million, as revealed by Elon Musk himself.

Despite the desolate scenario in which the Tesla Cybertruck is seen, Giugiaro has come to its defense and has approved Elon Musk’s design for “thinking outside the box”. Although there are many people who don’t necessarily like the SUV and its design, “that’s fine. Tesla doesn’t have to panic,” Giugiaro recently told NPR.

Going outside the “norms”

“In its beginnings, the DeLorean DMC-12 did not please the public either. When one breaks the rules, it is almost always seen as a provocation. It happens in all fields, from furniture to cooking, etc. Everyone wants to distinguish themselves ; It is a market need and the Cybertruck will surely be successful, I’m sure. I am convinced that he will find admirers,” the Italian designer added to the media.

Tesla has tested several different designs with the Cybertruck, but only one made it to the prototype stage and was unveiled in a controversial launch in November 2019. After four years, the almost 2 million people who reserved one seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel for the delivery of their “indestructible” SUVs.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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