Innovation and technology, the two levers of change for cities to attract more international investment

Real Estate is immersed in a transformation, which affects the markets of European countries, including Spain. According to the report Investor Intentions Survey 2023, prepared by CBRE, our country is one of the community territories that international investors are paying the most attention to, placing it in fourth position only behind the United Kingdom, Germany and France. As for specific cities, Madrid and Barcelona continue to be, according to this study, the poles that attract the most real estate capital at the national level.

In this sense, Madrid, according to experts, meets the conditions to attract even more investment in segments such as Life Science, in order to become an international hub within this field. According to data provided by the College of Economists of Madrid, the capital has garnered 4.8 billion euros of investment in 2022, while Barcelona has raised about 3.8 billion euros.

Likewise, in the Spanish market, the industry points to Malaga as another of the most thriving poles in terms of real estate investments in recent years, in part, thanks to its policies to attract companies from the technology industry, which are revitalizing the city. Spaces such as Málaga TechPark, a park that attracts leading technology companies and startups, are supporting the capital of the Costa del Sol as a reference for capital in southern Europe.

Spain’s push in international real estate investments and the transformation that cities are experiencing will be analyzed in the new edition of The Districtthe largest European real estate summit for all capital players, which will take place on September 20 to 22 at Fira de Barcelona – Gran Via. The event will host executives of the caliber of David VilaCEO of Renta Corporación; David Martinez, CEO of AEDAS Homes; and Said HejalPartner & CEO of the real estate group, Kronos Real Estate Group, who will study the attractiveness of the country’s regions, and the potential for long-term growth and profitability, as well as the unique risks associated with the investment.

This year, the summit will also feature the vision that British investors have of the Spanish real estate market, since the United Kingdom is the guest country. About, Johan GroothaertCEO of the financing company Fiduciam; Javier GalanSenior Associate at Zetland Capital, and Jason HamManaging Director of the design real estate agency, Fantastik Frank, among other specialists, will delve into the current state of the Real Estate panorama in Spain, the change that cities are making, and will explore the most promising segments and locations, both traditional and emerging.

Urban planning and innovation enter the investment equation

Part of The District’s agenda will be aimed at addressing the latest trends in urban planning, a fundamental aspect in the configuration of the cities of the future and which has gained special importance in recent years due to the need to convert them into sustainable places.

Within the framework of the congress, the importance of incorporating green, social and governance (ESG) aspects in the planning decisions of new cities will be addressed at a time marked by the climate crisis, and social challenges such as homelessness. Mazyar MortazaviCEO and President of TAS Impact, a Canadian company that seeks opportunities that create value for investors and generate measurable social and environmental impact; Miguel Hernandez LopezDirector of Strategy and Corporate Development of Crea Madrid Nuevo Norte, and Manuel Perez Romeropresident of the Center for Sustainable Cities at IE University, will be in charge of shedding light on urban planning, including terms such as smart citiesmixed-use developments and design that respects the environment.

In turn, representatives of the City Council of Bilbao, Madrid and Malaga will explain how technology and innovation can be used to address current urban design challenges, or build innovation districts, offering new investment frameworks. An investment that is motivated by the change in the profiles of the districts themselves due to the recently emerged mobility models, such as the car sharingmicromobility or Mobility as a Service. All of this will be analyzed in The District by José Manuel LlovetCEO Tertiary Iberia in Lar España.

LATAM is interested in investing in European territory

Latin American investors are increasingly interested in investing within the European market. This is reflected in the last Barometer of the business climate in Spain from the perspective of the foreign investor, published this 2023, which confirms Spain as the fourth country in which the most investment is entering, after the United States, the United Kingdom and France. In figures, LATAM investment in Spain represents more than 63,000 million euros, which translates into 12.1% of the country’s foreign direct investment.

Private capital funds from countries like Mexico, according to this study, focus on making disbursements by family offices, in the residential segment of luxury homes and in the acquisition of strategic business assets with local R&D. In this regard, to examine what is leading this market to boost its commitment to the old continent, experts such as Julian MatosPartner at Osborne Clarke, will share their views at The District on the most promising segments and locations for investment, and offer advice on overcoming the specific challenges of investing in the EU market.

For its part, Andrea Rodriguezfounder of the Proptech Latam Summit, will present the territories in Latin America, and everything they offer, to attract the best talents and cutting-edge projects, and consequently, investments.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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