ID Street. The VW electric street, in Madrid

Volkswagen opens street in Madrid. You just have to walk through it to browse, see, touch and try the entire range of VW electric models. You have until this Sunday, November 19 to take a look at the new ID. Street. It’s free.

The Volkswagen brand brings together your entire electric family in one space, the IDs, which will soon add the ID.7 to the range (arriving in February) and by 2025, the ID.2. In ID. Street, located in Caleido -financial heart of Madrid-, VW’s zero-emission models are the protagonists.

Through different spaces and premisesyou have the opportunity to delve into key topics of electric mobility, resolve doubts about aspects related to different charging modalities or autonomy and try the latest ID launches.

The walk through ID. Street starts at ID. House, the meeting place to start the free or guided route. The first electric driving school also has its space on this street, where there is no shortage of financial institution, ID. bankto resolve all doubts about the cost and use of the electric car.

The ID space is also curious. Travel, a kind of travel agency to learn how to plan routes and destinations easily and economically. In the ID square. Square you can see the entire VW ID family reunited, including the new ID.7 saloon and the future ID.2. And to discover the secrets of loading, in the ID. Garage will expand your knowledge when it comes to feeding the batteries. The route ends at the controls of any of VW’s electric models, accompanied by one of the mobility experts.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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