How to rent an affordable home with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms with a garage and storage room from the Plan Vive in Tres Cantos

In the Madrid town of Tres Cantos a promotion is being built housing with limited price public protection (VPPL), a set of 209 multi-family homes intended for the affordable rent.

Can opt for a home with 1, 2 or 3 bedroomsand the most important, with garage and storage room. They highlight that 4% of them are adapted for people with reduced mobility. It should be noted that they are delivered unfurnished, they only come with a built-in wardrobe in the entrance hall and freestanding wardrobes in the bedrooms. The kitchen has wall units, a stainless steel oven, an induction hob and an extractor hood. The bathrooms have shower trays and the air conditioning works using aerothermal energy. In addition, all homes have terrace.

Finally, it includes a 10-hour daily concierge service, swimming pool with solarium, gym and garden with children’s play area. The promotion is located in the Latvia Streetin the neighborhood New Three Cantos.

Rental options: Homes with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms

The rental options are homes of a bedroom, with an area of ​​50.32 m2, a parking lot and a storage room; This would have a price from 614 euros per month. With two bedrooms, 67.13 m2, one or two parking spaces and a storage room; from 763 euros per month. And with Three bedrooms of 85.01 m2, with two parking spaces and a storage room, from 998 euros per month.

Key dates for renting these homes

-The key dates to apply for housing are: November 7, 2023 starting at 9:00 is the registration opening from the website This is the date on which interested parties will be able to formally register their registration request to be eligible for a rental.

-The first award will be the February 7, 2024. On this date the first assignment of homes will be made among those registered. After this, the assignment of homes will be done on a recurring basis as homes are released. Either due to the effective adjudication not taking place between the previous registrants or due to the contractual termination of tenants.

-The Entry of tenants will be in June 2024. It is an indicative date and will depend on how the construction and licensing schedule progresses. On this date, tenants will be able to reside in their home.

Requirements to be able to rent homes

Before registering, you must take into account the following: requirements access to vhousing that are determined based on Decree 84/2020of October 7 of the Community of Madrid.

-One of the requirements is that it be you habitual residence and lack other housing throughout the national territory.

-Be adult or emancipated minor.

-Have Spanish nationality or legal residence in Spain.

-Achieve the gross income limits established according to the type of housing.

-Do not allocate more than 35% of annual net income of the cohabitation unit to the payment of the total annual income.

-Priority for those registered and/or with your work center in the municipality where you are applying for a home with a minimum age of 3 years.

The award procedure

The housing assignment It will be done according to the chronological order of registration and provided that the requirements mentioned above are met. If you are awarded a home, they will contact you to tell you the characteristics of the home offered and require the necessary documentation to accredit requirements, something that must be contribute within a maximum period of 10 calendar days from the requirement. When everything is confirmed, the contract will be signed digitally. The keys will be delivered within a period of no more than three months from the signing.

Necessary documentation

Treatment authorization of personal data (signed by all adults as they give their consent to the transfer of the data).

-Photocopy -on both sides- of the National identity document (DNI) or Foreigner Identity Card (TIE), valid on the date of the request.

-Certificate of Central Registry of Foreigners.

-Accreditation of granting of emancipation.

Disability certificate.

-Opinion of need for housing adaptation.

Large family title.

Family Book or responsible declaration of non-family cohabitation unit.

-Judicial ruling of separation or divorce.

Statement of income (IRPF).

-Others income information (payroll, pension certificate, responsible declaration, etc.).

Payrolls or income certificates of benefits recognized at the state level for the three (3) months prior to the date of the documentation requirement.

Working life REPORT.

Certificate of ownership o Report of Non-Ownership of the Registry, if applicable.

-Simple note of the Property registration.

Census and/or employment contract or other workplace accreditation.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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