How to make a home more accessible

Accessibility is a key aspect, both in public and private spaces, to improve people’s quality of life, their independence and work towards equality. Although there are various plans to adapt public spaces, such as monuments, museums, transportation, accessibility within homes tends to take second place.

“Many times, the lack of awareness and even the fear of a new investment, causes the adaptation of private spaces to be neglectedreducing the possibility of achieving universal accessibility that contributes to equality”, says Alberto Badás, marketing manager of Stannah Spain. “It is important to be aware of the need to adapt all kinds of spaces with elevators, ramps, platforms, stairlifts, or widening the access doors so that anyone without exception can be autonomous”, adds Badás.

Both in single-family homes and in apartments in communities of owners, it is necessary to work on accessibility inside the houses and in common areas. Faced with this situation, the experts from Stannah Spain offer three ideas to adapt these spaces.

It is important that inside the house the spaces are free of obstacles. Thus, the redistribution of furniture to prevent it from hindering passage is key to gaining accessibility, according to experts. In this sense, it is important to remove large pieces of furniture from the corridors to allow them to be as wide as possible, as well as to adapt the furniture so that everything is at the right height. “In addition, it is also important to remove certain obstacles, which can cause falls, such as carpets or loose cables, and to have good lighting in all rooms,” they indicate from Stannah Spain.

On the other hand, it is essential modify the access doors with a sufficient width, to allow the passage of wheelchairs and walkers, in addition to installing grab bars near the doors. Once inside homes, the manufacturer’s experts in mobility recommend opting for sliding doors, whose opening is easier.

Saving unevenness is another need to make environments more accessible, for which there are various formulas. In the case of outdoor areas, they would be the installation of ramps and handrails, while inside the house or in common areas, everything from elevators to chairs and stair lifts could be installed.


Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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