Honda revolutionizes its Civic with the new hybrid mechanics

Although the first units of the new Civic will not arrive on the Spanish market until October, we have had the opportunity to drive one of the first units. A completely different car, due to its exterior appearance or habitability, but above all due to its mechanics. From now on it will only be offered with an efficient 184 hp hybrid mechanics. A fun car to drive and very tight consumption.

Honda has in its Civic model a worldwide reference vehicle of which each year it sells more than 900,000 units worldwide. A vehicle that is part of automotive history, because it was originally launched in 1972 and since then it has evolved based on the tastes and needs of its customers around the world. It is, therefore, a global car, of which 27.5 million units have been sold in more than 170 countries. The Civic is, therefore, a global phenomenon.

Now comes a new change, a new generation that is completely different from the previous one, as you can see in the photos. The new Civic is somewhat larger, broader, with better habitability thanks to its wheelbase that has grown compared to its predecessor. This is noticeably appreciated in its rear seats, which now have more legroom.

great dynamism

But without a doubt the key to the new model is its dynamic behaviour. Or perhaps I would better say its great dynamism. Lately, all manufacturers are betting on the hybrid car, as a necessary alternative to comply with emission standards. But above all because customers demand these vehicles to be able to drive freely through the cities.

And therefore, with this Civic, Honda completes its commitment to electrification in this first stage, focused on hybrid vehicles with advanced technology. From now on, Honda will no longer offer in Europe, and soon in the rest of the world, vehicles that are not hybrid or electrified, like this new Civic.

The new Civic will arrive in October and stands out for its great dynamism and adjusted consumption.

The Civic still available in the Spanish market, the previous generation, had three very different mechanical options, a 1.0 and 1.5 gasoline, and a diesel variant. Three points of view of the same utility car concept. The quietest car for the user looking for an adjusted consumption with the 1.0 engine. Above the variant 1.5 with turbo, a very happy engine thanks to its 182 CV, but also more consumer.

And it still maintained the offer of the diesel vehicle, designed for those who do many kilometers every day and need a car that spends little. A very valid and low-polluting option due to the high technology it incorporates, its low CO2 emissions and the notable reduction of nitrous oxides and unburned particles.

4.7 litres/100km

Well, all this is already the past for the Civic. the new model It only has one engine and a single mechanical option., without gearbox. It is the new hybrid system from Honda that has two electric motors and an efficient gasoline engine, with which an approved consumption of only 4.7 liters/100 km is achieved. Undoubtedly very good consumption for a vehicle like this.

The Advanced version has a large 12.7″ screen in the center console.

Honda always does things differently than the rest, and this new Civic is a perfect example. The mechanical team offers 184 combined horsepower and it has a very sporty driving touch. The normal thing is that when a manufacturer develops a hybrid system, the objective is to make a very tight consumption model, with quiet driving. Well, in the case of Honda it is different.

hybrid and fast

We have been able to do 150 km with the vehicle and its behavior is very cheerful. Normally, what hybrid cars ask their driver is to go calmly, without going up a lot of laps. In this case it is totally different, it is a vehicle that asks the driver for war, it seeks more agility in motion.

Logically, if we activate the “eco” driving mode, it is satisfied with less accelerator, but if we activate the normal mode, but especially in the Sport, it allows us to enjoy driving, accelerating and rolling with great agility. And that is the big difference of this model with its most direct rivals.

Beyond his mechanics, his behavior is very good. It has a fairly firm suspension scheme, but with which you do not lose that necessary ride comfort. The new Civic is a fairly low model, like all the new models that do not sign up for the SUV concept, and that also contributes to the magnificent stability that it offers in all kinds of situations.


The car goes very well on highways and fast roads, although I would say that its ideal terrain is rather that of a twisting road where you can experience more of that efficient and yet effective hybrid mechanics. This allows a strange duality, rolling fast, or at least with enough agility, without seeing the consumption skyrocket.

Throughout our contact, about 150 km, the consumption we have achieved was 5.7 liters. And that doing a normal, happy driving, without trying a tighter consumption figure. Rather looking for slightly more complicated situations to be able to check its stability in curves than to achieve low consumption.

The digital instrument cluster provides a lot of information to its driver.

Without a doubt, this new Civic is a very interesting vehicle because it provides a few factors to take into account. And above all for those people who not only travel but who really seek to enjoy driving and commuting.

His aesthetic is completely different, with its dropped back, which gives it a very dynamic style. This somewhat limits the height in the rear seats, although it does not create problems for people up to 1.90 meters. Access to the interior in these seats is a bit more complicated, but in return the legroom is very good for its exterior dimensions.

Inside we find a more traditional design, but with a lot of technology. It offers a more classic-style digital instrument cluster. The information in the box is completed with a 9-inch touch screen on the center console, which becomes 12.7″ in the Advanced versions.

From 32,100 euros

The new Honda Civic arrives loaded with technology, like all Honda models. It incorporates the latest evolution of the Honda Sensing safety and driving assistance system, as standard. It includes a 100-degree panoramic vision front camera and, for the first time, it also includes sonar sensors, four in front and four in the rear. The ability to detect pedestrians and cyclists and road lines has also been improved.

Regarding their prices, the new Honda Civic starts at 32,100 euros and includes complete equipment from the access variant. The Sport option, with an 18-inch wheel and a sportier style, goes up to 33,200 euros. As for the Advanced, the most complete version, which offers everything a car can carry as standard, goes up to 36,600 euros.


Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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