Champion! Carlos Sainz shines at the 2023 Singapore GP, driving his Ferrari

Carlos Saniz has just been proclaimed champion of the 2023 Singapore F1 GP, in a brilliant career that the driver has managed to complete successfully. With this there are already two victories for Carlos, after the one achieved last year in the British GP.

There in Silverstone, at the British GP, held in July 2022, Carlos Sainz He managed to beat Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. Now more than a year and a half later The joy of the Madrid driver runs again through his veinsand in what way, on the Singapore circuit.

This triumph culminates the incredible sporting weekend of Carlos Sainz who has known how to prevail over everything and everyone. On Saturday he achieved a Pole Position key to this victory. In the words of the Spanish driver, “achieving Pole Position on the streets of Singapore is a great feeling. We saw that we were competitive and I think we have done a good job in preparing for the classification. Q3 has been very tight, but we have managed to put in clean and fast laps, and we have achieved that Pole.”

McLaren and Mercedes on the hunt for Sainz’s Ferrari

With the Pole in hand, Carlos has not missed his opportunity. After a very clean start to the race, without setbacks, the driver has defended at all times and tooth and nail a first place that has not been abandoned throughout the 62 laps to the Marina Bay circuit. With the McLaren of Lando Norris and the Mercedes of George Russell and Lewis Hamilton hot on his heels throughout the race (Russell abandoned on the last lap), The end of this GP was heart-stopping.

Carlos thus proclaims himself, for the second time in his career as an F1 driver, champion of a Grand Prix, this one in Singapore that Fernando Alonso already achieved 13 years ago at the controls of Ferrari.

Brilliant strategy, therefore, for the Spanish driver. and his Ferrari team in this fifteenth race of the 2023 Formula 1 season. A victory that tastes like glory and that has been well deserved.

I feel incredible, said the Spanish Ferrari driver. Thanks to all my Ferrari team because they have done a great effort to turn it around at the beginning of the season. We have done everything we had to do in the race. We have done it perfectly and we leave with a victory that I am sure that all of Ferrari and all of Italy will be proud of. I felt that I had the peace of mind and that I had the space to do what I could do, but I’m not going to lie. You are under pressure and if you make any mistake it can go wrong, but I have been in control at all times and I was able to achieve this victory, and right now I am very happy.

Congratulations Carlos!

This is how the Singapore F1 GP race turned out

1-Carlos Sainz. Ferrari

2-Lando Norris. McLaren

3-Lewis Hamilton. Mercedes

4-Charles Lecrerc. Ferrari

5-Max Verstappen. Red Bull

6-Pierre Gasly. Alpine

7-Oscar Piastri. McLaren

8-Sergio Pérez. Red Bull

9-Liam Lawson. Red Bull

10-Kevin Magnussen. Hass

15-Fernando Alonso. Aston Martin

This is how the 2023 F1 GP goes. Driver classification

1) Max Verstappen: 374 points

2) Sergio Pérez: 223 points

3)Lewis Hamilton: 180 points

4) Fernando Alonso: 170 points

5) Carlos Sainz: 142 points

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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