Castellana Properties earns 38.5% less and will pay an interim dividend of 5 million

Castellana Properties closed the first six months of its fiscal year – from April to September 2023 – with a net profit of 16.2 million euros, which is 38.5% less compared to the same period of the previous year. The rental income of the SOCIMI specialized in shopping centers increased almost 13%, to 35.3 million euros, while EBITDA amounted to 27.5 million euros, 12.34% more

The latest valuation of its assets reaches 1,022 million euros. Regarding his participation in Lar España Real Estate, he detailed that “it continues to demonstrate the solidity of this investment, with a dividend yield of 12%.” The company has 16 shopping centers and parks, with a gross leasable area (GLA) of 368,495 square meters, an occupancy rate of 99% and an average contract term of 12.9 years.

The firm has confirmed “the total recovery of influx”, after recalling that the year 2022 exceeded the figures for 2019. Specifically, the accumulated visitors during 2023 until September increased by 7.3% compared to last year.

The CEO of Castellana Properties, Alfonso Brunet, has highlighted that the firm’s differential business model, based on the active management of its shopping centers and parks, “underpins the good results presented”, and has stated that at Castellana Properties they achieved meet “its objectives thanks to the efforts of all the people who make up this company.”

It will distribute an interim dividend on November 30

The board of directors of the SOCIMI agreed to approve the distribution of an interim dividend for the annual year ending on March 31, 2024 in the amount of 5 million euros grossat a rate of 0.04945 euros per share, and also decided on a distribution from the share premium reserve, for an amount of 2 million euros gross (0.01978273 euros per share).

The interim dividend will be paid on November 30, while the last trading date on which the shares will be traded with the right to receive this distribution, ‘last trading date’, will be November 27.

The date from which the shares will be traded without the right to receive this distribution (‘ex date’) will be November 28, as well as the date on which the registered holders who have the right to receive this distribution are determined (record date) will be on November 29.

Tom Roeser Staff

Tom Roeser Staff

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